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PACIE is the leading authority and advocate for global education in Pennsylvania. PACIE supports the inclusion of global competence objectives in K-12 instruction to promote international awareness and competence. We are seeking to support and expand the number of educators who share this goal. PACIE is requesting applications from K-12 individual educators or educational teams interested in a project designed to support the inclusion of content related to global education in content area instruction to ensure that Pennsylvania graduates are prepared for life and work in a global economy. Download the Flyer!

The purpose of the PACIE mini-grant is to:

(1) Build capacity of schools to educate students to demonstrate global competence.

(2) Increase educator awareness of tools available to support global education across content areas.

(3) Expand instructional resources available to all PA teachers linked to the Curriculum Framework for Global Competence on the PDE Standards Aligned System (SAS) website (

Mini-Grant Request for Application

Mini-Grant Application